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Both Candidates Agree

Both candidates agree. President Trump as well as Vice President Biden both agree that section 230, regarding electronic communication and the rights of social media companies, should be changed. Right now, section 230 calls for immunity for a company that hosts social communication on its platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on. Both candidates seem to agree that the current law is bad and therefore should be changed. So, whoever will take the Whitehouse, the common theme between the two candidates is that it needs to change.

How it will change is subject to how the interpretation is, and of course who will win the Presidency. But it is interesting that both President Trump as well as Presidential candidate and former Vice President Biden are calling for section 230 to be removed this year. I wonder how it will work out and will get done in time. In reality, it will probably get done early next year. Senators from both parties have questioned and scrutinized business leaders from Facebook and Twitter about their immunity and they believe that it is the wrong message, especially in an election year where the companies who are providing the platform can get out of jail free. Let’s see how the law will shake out and we will definitely keep you posted.

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