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Twitch Copyright

Do you Twitch? If you don’t twitch then the question will be what is Twitch? If you don’t know what it is. Twitch is a live streaming video portal and Twitch recently announced to its users that they are taking down content that is questionable with regard to copyright and the rights to certain parties. This is because some of those pieces of content seem to be in violation of copyright laws. It also appears that the music industry put some pressure on Twitch to change what can be uploaded and streamed over Twitch.

Again, if you have not heard of Twitch, it is very popular. AOC, the popular congresswoman just debuted her Twitch live stream with 430,000 viewers. So in a way, Twitch is a great portal, and if you are a business, maybe you should consider running some marketing ads on Twitch. But here are the takeaways, if you use Twitch commercially, make sure that you are not violating the copyrights of the third parties. The second takeaway is that if you are an individual private user, also make sure that you are not violating the third party rights, because we have seen cease and desist orders. 

This was part of an earlier Musing that I did about copyright trolls. Copyright trolls are chasing other folks away in an alleged violation of copyrights, hoping that the person will just pay them money not to charge them. So, always be careful about whatever you post on the internet. If you post something that violates third party rights, they may have a claim against you. Other than that, have fun twitching.